First Impact Speakers at Seed Forum Global 2019

  • Entrepreneur & Crypto Currency Expert. The Founder of Seed Forum in Iceland and the recent Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank of Iceland. 
    Jon Helgi Egilsson (Iceland)
    Crypto Currency Expert, Iceland
  • Former Member of the Norwegian Parliament know from this position as the "Entrepreneurs Spokesman". Chairman of the Norwegian Entrepreneurs Association and PR-manager of the Norwegian Association for SMEs. 
    Jørund Rytman (Norway)
    Entrepreneurs Spokesman - Former MP
  • More than 20 years experience in the European Pop Music Industry. His music has been listed at the international MTV European viewers choice. Expert in media and communication.
    David Mendoza (Norway)
    Communication Expert
  • Co-Founder of NOFAS to become a leading Nordic entity within Research & Development. Serial Entrepreneur with a broad background from business development and management.  
    Lars Henrik Krogh (Norway)
    Managing Partner NOFAS
  • Founder and CEO of Venturelab and XLR8HUB. Serial entrepreneur and business angel. A key spider in the Norwegian innovation system! 
    Thomas Due (Norway)
    Head of VentureLab
  • Co-Founder and builder of the fast-growing Seed Forum iHUB Innovation Centre Network in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and beyond Also a start-up entrepreneur and advisor to key government positions in Ukraine. 
    Dimitri Podoliev (Ukraine)
    Co-Founder of the iHUB Network, Ukraine
  • Serial Entrepreneur among others co-founder of the Baltic News Agency. Former Norwegian Trade Commissionar to Latvia.The Head of Seed Forum in the Baltics and the representative of B2Holding ASA to Central Eastern Europe. 
    Gints Vins (Latvia)
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • The President & CEO of Seed Forum Global with ambitions to build a complete global innovation eco-system. He is a serial entrepreneur with 17 start-ups and has trained and presented more than 3000 start-ups to investors in 50+ countries. 
    Steinar Hoel Korsmo (Global)
    Global Entrepreneur & Adventurer
  • Olaf Thommessen (Norway)
    Head of Bedriftsforbundet
  • Serial entrepreneur and Business Angel. Founder of the Norwegian Entrepreneurs Club. Co-Founder of Entra House. A true cosmopolitan in Oslo. 
    Berg Moe (Norway)
    Head the Norwegian Entrepreneurs Club
  • Key influencer in innovation in Moldova and the Head of the Moldova IT-Association. The Chairman of Seed Forum iHUB Chisinau and Tekwill. 
    Ana Chirita (Moldova)
    Head of the IT Association of Moldova
  • Founder & CEO of Oslo International Hub and BAN Norway A true cosmopolitan in Oslo.
    Jørn Lein-Mathisen (Norway)
    Founder, Oslo International Hub
  • Stock trader, author, innovation expert. World-leading expert in new innovative trading methodology.   
    Irfan Polimac (France)
    Influencer Financial Trading Innovation
  • Serial entrepreneur, Business Angel & Impact Innovator from Western Sweden. 
    Sven-Erick Carlsson (Sweden)
    Innovatum - Innovation Influencer